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Blessing of the Blades
Blessing of the BladesBlessing of the Blades
Blessing of the Blades
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The Story:
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The year is 1689. A Highland man is saying farewell to his family. He has been called by his clan chief to go fight in what will be known as the First Jacobite Rising, the war between William, Prince of Orange and James II of England, VII of Scotland. Highlanders fought on both sides, and it was not uncommon to change sides from time to time. Which side will his people fight for?

The inscription below reads "Dydst fyrst sche presst hir lippes to the durke then turnn'd to the grete sweord therreupon kisste it ase welle. Thusse the blades be blesste with hir luv for kepen him sauf in bataille."

Harve is well-known for his attention to documented details. The Highlander is armed, accoutered, and dressed to show his high social level, as he would be bringing a number of men to the “gathering”. He carries a targe or shield on his back, along with the scabbard for the great sword. While fighting, he will use his snaphance musket and brace of lemon-butt pistols before the charge, then rush into combat with his claidheamh mor or claymore. When quarters are too close for the great sword, he will throw it down and wade into the fight with targe in left hand and dirk in his right. He wears a shot pouch and Scottish flat powder horn with which to load his pistols, and for his musket, a bandolier of twelve individual charges (sometimes referred to as the Twelve Apostles).

His wife, dressed in an arisaid and hair plaited in a traditional style, blesses his weapons with a kiss in hopes that her love will keep him unharmed. His children watch from a respectful distance, holding his small but stout Highland pony, while his “coos” meander over curiously. The great Highland deerhound looks up toward his master longingly, sensing he will not be a companion on this hunt. Only the cat shows disinterest in the moment because, as anyone of Clan Chatten might agree, a cat always has other priorities.


Each giclée print is 20" x 24" (image size 16" x 20") on high-quality archival acid-free paper, numbered and signed by the artist. Prints are available in a limited edition of 200 from the original art.

Artist proofs are available with remarque, enhancement, signed and specially numbered by the artist, in limited editions of 10 from each original. Artist proofs are $500 each and available by phone order only.

Each print is shipped in acid-free archival packaging.

Printed by Heartland Printworks of Indianapolis, IN

The online image is purposely faded and watermarked to discourage online theft. The actual print is rich and vibrant with color and detail.
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