The Bear Hunter
Jaybird Alarm
In the Service of the King
Spirit of the Charge
Blessing of the Blades
Farewell to Eliza
The Bonie Wee Jacobite
The Gentle Lady
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About the ArtistAbout the Artist

H. Harvey Hildebrand

Master Pen Draughtsman

Born in 1950, Harvey grew up along the banks of Illinois’ historic Kaskaskia River where he learned to shoot and hunt with family heirloom muzzle-loaders.

Harvey proudly descends from a melting pot of early Americans including a Scottish tanner who settled in 1665 Virginia, an Irish lass kidnapped by English slavers and sold for a hogshead of tobacco in 1702 Maryland, a German tavern keeper, who, on September 17, 1753 took a loyalty oath before one “Benjamin Franklin, Esq.”, and a cousin of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, a colonial socialite who had danced with George Washington, then rebelled against her loyalist father and followed her patriot husband into the Ohio wilderness far from her aristocratic life of servants and silk gowns.

History, genealogy, and over forty years as a re-enactor have greatly influenced Harvey’s art. Up until the early 1990’s, Harvey was sought out by collectors for his “high art” scrimshaw as well as building fine powder horns. Harvey, who studied art at Southern Illinois University, was for many years a designer and sculptor of bronze memorials.

As a boy he admired and copied the works of the great pen masters: Albrecht Dürer, Gustave Doré, and Howard Pyle, among others. Some created their drawings as studies for paintings and sculpture, and others accepted their pen-and-ink works as an end in itself, each in his own style.

“I address my pen-and-ink works in a mix media blend with color in a supporting role. I describe my style as reminiscent of an earlier time – a little adventure, a touch of romance, almost mythical, but historically true – a rollicking good yarn.”

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